Diamonds are forever under Pressure 💎
Diamonds are forever under Pressure 💎
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About Us

Welcome to our online store; is a merchant site specializing in the online sale of cosmetics, with a neat and easy-to-use online store. By browsing, you will find several products such as lipsticks, lip gloss, and handmade mink eyelashes that suit you on our site!

Understanding customer service

Whether you are an individual or an expert in the cosmetics field, our customer service replies promptly, always with reliability, and aims to fulfill all of your expectations thoroughly. If you need help deciding between two products or require more information on a product, do not hesitate to use our contact form!

Shipping of your beauty products

At we do our best to post your orders within 3-5 business days of receiving your payment. But due to the concerns associating with COVID-19 and government regulations, processing orders may additionally be extended throughout holidays, promotions, launches, and limited-edition releases.

As soon as your order is fulfilled, you will be notified or if we anticipate any problems filling your order. Our products are regularly shipped in a bubble envelope with tracking since our products are not bulky. You will learn that everything is done so you will not run out of lip gloss, lipsticks, or eyelashes at the most inconvenient time!

We wish you a pleasant visit to our cosmetic shop!